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Welcome to the internet pages of T&A Schweiß- und Schneidtechnik GmbH!

Schweißtechnik Schienenschweißen Schneidtechnik Oberbauschweißtechnik. Schweißen Schienen SchweißdrahtT&A Schweiß- und Schneidtechnik GmbH is an engineering and sales company of products for permanent way welding. The basis of our national and international success since 1993 in manufacturing and supplying pro- ducts for permanent way welding is the experience of our staff over many years in research, development, service and applications for modern welding and cutting techniques. We offer our customers partially and fully mechanised welding equipment for joint welding and surfacing of rails. A further product is our submerged-arc tractor UP-TA-SN for resurfacing and build-up of rails, especially grooved rails. We also manufacture and supply all materials, machines, parts and accessories needed for permanent way welding, from copper backings to rail and grooved rail grinding machines. We also provide service by qualified staff for all machines and accessories.

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T&A - Your partner for permanent way welding

Schweißtechnik Schienenschweißen Schneidtechnik Oberbauschweißtechnik. Schweißen Schienen Schweißdraht

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